22 November 2022. Talk: ‘The Strange Story of Mary Ellen Carroll and the Exhibition of Nothing’, at Fisher House, The University of Cambridge. Download talk here.

11 May 2022. Talk: ‘Why do we need an Art Academy?’ at The Katowice Academy of Fine Art.
Read talk here.

11 January to Sunday 16 February 2020. Chinese works on Paper from the Priseman Seabrook Collection. The Wallner Gallery, University of Nottingham. Selected and curated by Neil Walker.

20 June – 8 September 2019. Exhibition: ‘Contemporary Art: Recent Gifts and Acquisitions’, The Yale Center for British Art. 15 works of art donated to the Yale Center for British Art from the Priseman Seabrook Collections. Artists include Susan Gunn, Max Tannahill, Sean Williams, Mandy Payne, Anne Schwegmann-Fielding, Jules Clarke, Andrew Crane and Alex Hanna.
Download catalogue here.

2 March – 28 March 2019. ‘West meets East’ a two person exhibiton with Chen Yu and Robert Priseman, Yantai Art Museum, China, travelling to Wuhan.
Curated by Wang Wen and selected as a top 10 exhibition in China by the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
Further reading in Art Rabbit and A-N.

14 March – 2 June 2019. ‘Made in Britain: 82 Painters of the 21st Century’
Muzeum Narodowe w Gdańsk Poland.  The largest exhibition of British art in Polish history. Curated by: Anna McNay, Małgorzata Taraszkiewicz-Zwolicka and Małgorzata Ruszkowska-Macur drawing 82 works from the Priseman Seabrook Collection of 21st c. British Painting.
Catalogue available here.

28 June – 9 September 2018. Solo exhibition: ‘The Longue Durée’, Yantai Art Gallery, Yantai.
Travelling to:
Tai’an Art Museum, Tai’an, Weihai Art Museum, Weihai City and Yantai Suochengli Library, Shandong Province, China. Exhibition text by Jia Huiming.

17 March – 8 December 2018. Artists in Focus: New Art Gallery Walsall collections galleries re-hang featuring 9 drawings purchased by the museum from the series ‘Never Knowing Why’. Download the gallery catalogue here.

17 – 21 January 2018. Art of the Nation – Five Artists Choose – ‘Jets’ purchased by Rugby Museum at the London Art Fair. Exhibition hosted by Art UK bringing together 30 works of art from museums across the UK. ‘Jets’ selected by Oscar Murillo.

6 December 2017. Talk: ‘A New Individualism: Post War British Painting’ Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Tianjin.
Read the talk here.

18 October 2017. Talk: ‘Contemporary Masters from Britain: 80 British Painters of the 21st Century’ Jiangsu Arts and Crafts Museum, Nanjing.

17 October 2017. Talk: ‘Documentary Realism: Painting in the Digital Age’ at The Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.
Read the talk here.

25 August – 22 October 2017. ‘The 2017 Contemporary British Painting Prize’. The Stables Gallery, Orleans House, London. Devised by Robert Priseman.
Featuring Michael Ajerman, Jake Clark, Jadé Fadojutimi, Louise Giovanelli, Juliette Losq, Cara Nahaul, Simon Parish, Narbi Price, Alli Sharma, Joan Sugrue, Molly Thomson and Helen Turner. Selected by Matthew Krishanu, Cathy Lomax, Nicholas Middleton and Julian Brown.
Buy the catalogue here.

7 July 2017 – 10 January 2018. Touring exhibition: ‘Contemporary Masters from Britain’.
A touring exhibition of the Priseman Seabrook Collection to the People’s Republic of China.
The Yantai Art Museum, Yantai
Artall Museum, Nanjing
Jiangsu Art Museum, Nanjing
Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Tianjin
Featuring works by 80 British artists of the 21st century including: Iain Andrews, Amanda Ansell, Karl Bielik, Julian Brown, Simon Burton, Jules Clarke, Andrew Crane, Pen Dalton, Nathan Eastwood, Tracey Emin, Lucian Freud, Terry Greene, Susan Gunn, Susie Hamilton, Alex Hanna, David Hockney, Marguerite Horner, Barbara Howey, Matthew Krishanu, Andrew Litten, Cathy Lomax, Nicholas Middleton, Andrew Munoz, Mandy Payne, Charley Peters, Stephen Snoddy, Julie Umerle, Mary Webb, Sean Williams and Fionn Wilson.
Buy the catalogue here.

11 March – 27 August 2017. Exhibition: ‘Fame’ at The University of Arizona Museum of Art. To celebrate the acquisition of 70 works of art from the series. Read about the paintings at UAMA here.

4 January 2017. Talk: Beauty and Suffering: Traditional Themes in Western Painting. Presentation at the 2016 symposium ‘History and Painting’ at the China Academy of Art.

1 – 14 January 2017. Group Exhibition: With works from the Priseman Seabrook Collections: ‘Painting : Experiment’, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China.

January 2017. ‘Outlaws’ series published on Google Arts and Culture.

10 September – 22 October 2016. Exhibition: ‘The 2016 Contemporary British Painting Prize’. Devised and originated by Robert Priseman, Nathan Eastwood and Amanda Geitner.

At The Riverside Gallery, Richmond Museum and 5 November – 28 January 2017 at Huddersfield Art Gallery.
Featuring paintings by Louis Appleby, David Auborn, Aglaé Bassens, Karl Bielik, Katrina Blannin, John Brennan , Lindsey Bull, Nick Carrick, Dan Coombs, Gordon Dalton, Marielle Hehir, Cathy Lomax, Kate Lyddon, Mandy Payne and Paul Smith.
Buy the catalogue here.

1 March – 16 April, 2016. Exhibition: ‘Notes from China’ at The Minories Gallery, Colchester. Curated by Kaavous Clayton. Exhibition of Chinese works on paper selected from the Priseman Seabrook Collections. Selected as a UK top 5 exhibition for the week by the Guardian Guide.

1 December – 17 January, 2016. ‘Fame’ in ‘Recycling Religion’, WBX AC, NYC, travelling to the Dukley Art Centre, Miami. Curated by Juan Puntes and Marat Guelman, featuring Pussy Riot, Robert Priseman, Oleg Kulik, Dmitri Gutov, Iija Soskic, Jelena Tomasevic, Recycle Group et al.

3 December 2015. Talk: ‘From Holbein to Hockney: A Brief History of British Painting’ at the Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts. Read the talk here.

December 2015. Drawings from ‘Never Knowing Why’ series in ‘Contemporary Drawings From Britain’ at the Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, China.

3 May 2015. Talk: The University of Oxford, Wolfson College, titled ‘Painting the Holocaust: Can there be Art after Auschwitz?’ Download the talk here.

21 April 2015. Talk: The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts – Robert Priseman, Tate Curator Carol Jacobi and Prof. Martin Hammer from the University of Kent in conversation on Francis Bacon and The Masters.

2 – 31 March 2015. ‘Documentary Realism: Painting in the Digital Age’ group show at The Crypt, St. Marylebone, London. Featuring Nathan Eastwood, Wayne Clough, Katherine Russell, Natalie Dowse, Nicholas Middleton et al. Buy the Book here.

1 June – 30 July 2015. Exhibition: ‘Outlaws’ on display at FSU Museum of the Arts, Tallahassee, Florida. Works aquired by FSU MoFA. Buy the book here.

November 2014 – March 2015. Inaugural exhibition of the ‘Priseman-Seabrook Collection of 21st century British Painting’ at Huddersfield Art Gallery. Curated by Grant Scanlan, featuring Susan Gunn, Nicholas Middleton, Harvey Taylor, Matthew Krishanu, Simon Burton, Marguerite Horner, Mary Webb, Alex Hanna, Nathan Eastwood et al.
Buy the book here.

April – September 2014. ‘Omagh’ paintings in Art of the Troubles at Ulster Museum.

28 March 2014. Talk on ‘No Human Way to Kill: Painting the American Execution’ at Amherst College, MA, USA.

14 February – 29 June, 2014. ‘No Human Way to Kill’ on display at the Mead Art Museum, Massachusetts, as part of New Arrivals: Modern and Contemporary Additions to the Collection.

January 2014. FAME at Whitebox Arts Center, New York curated by Tony Guerrero.

November 2013. Launch of solo show FAME at Art Exchange travelling to London and New York.

ArtRabbit describes FAME as “An extraordinary series of new work” and Eventbrite, New York, as a series of “Haunting portraits of some of the 20th century’s most famous celebrities”. Rhizome says “FAME both literalizes and deconstructs the notion that celebrity has replaced religion, drawing parallels between the immediacy of tabloid culture in the internet age.” Buy the book here.

August 2013, Gift of 19 works of art from the Priseman Seabrook Collections to Falmouth Art Gallery.

2 February 2013. The launch of Contemporary British Painting at St. Marylebone, London. A platform devised and funded by Robert Priseman and Ally Seabrook for contemporary painting practice in the UK with ‘Painter to Painter’ interviews, solo and group exhibitions and talks around painting in the 21st Century.

Fall 2012. Interview with Michael Peppiatt included in Michael Peppiatt: Interviews with Artists, 1966 – 2012, Yale University Press. Alongside artists Dubuffet, Sonia Delaunay, Francis Bacon, Henry Moore, Balthus, Oldenburg, Brassaï and Henri Cartier-Bresson.

23 June – 16 Spetember 2012.  Major loan exhibition: ‘Francis Bacon to Paula Rego’, at Abbot Hall Art Gallery. Exhibitors include Paula Rego, Francis Bacon, R.B. Kitaj, David Hockney, Frank Auerbach and Lucian Freud. Devised and co-curated by Robert Priseman and Helen Watson. Download exhibition catalogue here.

January 2012. Solo Exhibition: ‘Nazi Gas Chambers: From Memory to History’ at Arch 402, London. Acquired by MdM Salzburg. Buy the book here.

Fall 2011, Mixed Show: Being American at The School of Visual Arts, New York.

10 March – 4 April 2010. Solo Show: ‘Nazi Gas Chambers: From Memory to History’, COCA, Christchurch, New Zealand. Read ‘The Press’ article.

January 2010. Solo Show: ‘No Human Way to Kill’, Whitebox Art Center, New York.
In collaboration with Firstsite, The Human Rights Centre and Amnesty International.
Buy the book here.

4 September – 7 November 2009. Solo Show: ‘The Francis Bacon Interiors’, Huddersfield Art Gallery.
Read Yorkshire Post article and buy the book here.

19 June – 20 July 2008. Solo Show: ‘American Execution’, Dazed Gallery, London.
Download Dazed & Confused article.

7 April – 17 June 2007. Solo Show: ‘Transcience’, Derby Museum and Art Gallery (with tie-in to Joseph Wright Collection).
Download Guardian Guide review.